Electrical test and tag


Electrical testing and tagging


Testing every computer lead within an office complex seems pretty over the top, right? Wrong, about 1% of appliances fail one of the 5 tests. The majority of failures are obvious visual damage that nobody ever picks up because it’s under the desk, out of sight, being crushed by the printer for the last 10 months.

Test and Tag Requirements

It is a legal requirement to have a current test tag on all appliance’s in the workplace. The frequency of testing depends on the environment the appliance is in, testing intervals range from 3 months to 5 years. It is a legal requirement to keep a register of all tests including a detailed history of results and unique asset identification of individual appliances. A test tag must include the following information:

  • Date tested
  • Next test date due
  • Person performing test
  • Pass or fail
  • Unique asset identification

Test and Tag Regulations

AS/NZS3760 is the Australian standard that defines test and tag regulations. It contains information on duration of tests, acceptable results and requirements for logging of test result data.


According to AS/NZS3760, the following appliances are excluded from being tested

  • Items at a height exceeding 2.5 metres
  • Fixed or “hard-wired” appliances
  • Items that require disassembly to establish safe operation
  • New demonstration items in a retail outlet or warehouse

Test and Tag Colours

The interval of testing will determine the colour of the tag on an appliance. Unfortunately, the colour coding is different across Australia. New South Wales wanted to be different, so they have their own colour code.


Test and Tag Machine

Testing and tagging can be carried out manually using a multimeter, however, this is slow and inefficient. An alternative is to use a test and tag machine, also known as a portable appliance tester (PAT). Modern PATs will carry out all tests automatically and print out a tag at the end. A detailed history of test results can be saved and archived in compliance with legislation.


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