Feature lighting


Feature Lighting

You can use feature lighting in many different ways to create a mood in your home, whether it’s with a chandelier or by using positioned lights to silhouette a focal point.

Feature lighting doesn’t need to be expensive to be effective, Google offers endless ideas for DIY home lighting. However, if you’re making a DIY light fitting, you’ll require an Electrician to inspect and install it. This is still going to be far more cost effective than buying a high-end fitting.

Retro Lighting

Retro themed homes are becoming more and more common, especially in beach shacks. There’s no better way to compliment a retro theme than retro lighting. Squirrel cage bulbs can now be bought from Bunnings for less than $20, these bulbs tend to be quite dim but in a series can create a nice low light for a living area. Jar’s and other glass containers can also be used to make retro light fittings, again, you’ll require an Electrician to inspect and install any custom made light fittings.


Stairwell Lighting

Low functional lighting on stairs is a good way to create depth on a focal staircase. Alternatively, angled lights across a staircase can create a series of geometric shadows which can also be aesthetically pleasing. A good way to experiment with shadows is to use a variable powered torch, try using a series of angles and light intensities, you’ll be surprised with what you’ll find!


Outdoor Water Feature

An outdoor water feature is an excellent focal point for an outdoor living area. Not only is the sound of trickling water calming, add a light to the mix and you’ll get beautiful water patterns projected at night time. The key to water features is in the planning phase, be sure to know exactly where it’s going to sit so an Electrician can run a cable prior to any landscaping.

12 Volt Lighting

Using a small transformer to step the voltage down to 12 volts is the safest arrangement for outdoor lighting, especially with water features. A Vested Utility Electrician can help you with the planning and installation of any outdoor lighting and water features.


Art Deco Lighting

With Australia’s rich architectural heritage, Art Deco homes are not uncommon. Art Deco lighting can often prove to be quite expensive, the majority of the cost being in the original Art Deco chandeliers. Often, these fittings are not up to standard and require modification to be compliant with current standards.


Designer Chandeliers

The main difficulty with installing designer chandeliers is supporting the weight of the fitting. It is important you take this into consideration in the design phase. If the fitting is less than 5kg, it can be easily supported by an additional ceiling batten. Larger chandeliers will require much more sufficient bracing otherwise you run the risk of your ceiling sagging. Most chandeliers are installed in wide spanning rooms so this is particularly important.



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