General Electrical


General Electrical

Have you ever had an Electrician around more than once to “fix” the same problem, then charge you an arm and a leg for each of the visits? Vested Utility provides a 12-month warranty on all works and components.

Whether it’s connecting up a sump pump or overhauling an electric motor, a licenced electrical contractor must sign off on the job. All Vested Utility electricians are qualified, competent and experienced. If you’re wanting a light switch changed or doing a commercial shop fit-out, there is no job too big or small for Vested Utility.

Genaeral_Electrician_workElectrical Testing Services

Downtime is not only expensive but can also taint your business’s reputation by disappointing valued customers. Vested Utility offers a full electrical testing service of plant and equipment.

Industrial Electrical Contractors

With years of experience in mining and oil & gas, Vested Utility offers comprehensive maintenance and fault finding of fixed or mobile plant.


Commercial Electrical Contractors

Whether you’re fitting out a shop or comissioning a bottling plant, Vested Utility Electrician’s have the skills experties to help you achieve your goals.


Electrical Standards

Electrical standards govern the quality of workmanship in Australia, standards are a best practice until mentioned legislation, then they become mandatory. Electrical and plumbing are among the most regulated trades in Australia so there is no excuse for low-quality workmanship. Standards Australia are the organisation responsible for creating and updating the standards, some of the main standards for the electrical industry include:

  • AS/NZS3000 Wiring Rules
  • AS/NZS3760 Testing and Inspection of appliances
  • AS/NZS3017 Testing and inspecting

Electrical Safety regulation

In Australia, each state has its own Electrical Safety Regulation, created by the state’s energy division of the Department of Commerce . The Electrical regulations define which standards are mandatory. Once a standard has been defined mandatory in the regulations, it is now law for tradesmen to adhere to that particular standard. Below are links to where you will find each state’s electrical regulations:


All Vested Utility Electrician’s work in compliance with current state regulations and standards.


If you have any questions, please contact Vested Utility or leave a message in the comments box below




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