Renovating a house


Renovating a house

Renovating can be an exciting but stressful time; you’ve pulled the kitchen apart, you’re cooking dinner on a camp cooker and the family is losing patience. Everything is going to plan, you’re making the finishing touches and you can imagine yourself cooking that first meal in your new dream kitchen. You’re on track to be finished by the end of the day when you realise you forgot to have a power point installed in the microwave nook, the only way to install a power point now is to pull your beautiful joinery apart.




Truth be told, Aussies love to DIY. The thought of getting a “professional” in can be intimidating. Tiling, joinery and painting can all be done by a weekend warrior but plumbing and electrical are not to be reckoned with if you’re not qualified to do so. However, there is some amount electrical work you can do yourself. As a home-owner, you’re able to run cables and cut holes for power points which is the most time consuming and expensive part of the job, you can then have an Electrician do the fit off and testing. 

Having an Electrician over to go through plans and ideas prior to demolishing your bathroom can save you in the long run. At Vested Utility, we’ve renovated hundreds of bathrooms and kitchens and dealt with most of the unknown hurdles you’re likely to come across.



Kitchen and bathroom renovations

The most common areas to renovate are bathrooms and kitchens and of course they’re the most difficult. Working around power and water can be dangerous. Before you begin renovating, it’s imperative you have an Electrician and a Plumber isolate your electricity, gas and water. Sometimes it’s not as simple as switching a switch or turning off a tap.

Home renovation costs

The cost of renovating can vary, the majority of the expense is materials and that alone can vary depending on the level of finish you want. With materials, you get what you pay for and electrical components are no exception. You’ll only be saving pennies by going to your local hardware store and buying cheap unknown brands.

All Vested Utility Electricians use high-quality components sourced from an electrical wholesaler and carry a 12-month warranty.

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