SA-High voltage combined-fuel switches

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SA-High voltage combined-fuel switches

Postby Vested Utility » Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:29 pm

Following a fatal incident in Western Australia, the Office of the Technical Regulator is warning all electrical contractors and owners of electrical infrastructure to take reasonable safe-work precautions when working on any high-voltage, oil-insulated, combined-fuel switches, or any exposed high-voltage parts.

It is very important that all electricity supplies are isolated to keep anyone working on or near the equipment safe.

EnergySafety Western Australia reported the deaths of two electricians after a 11kV oil-insulated Long and Crawford combined-fuse switch exploded due to a high current fault occurring in the unit's tank. Most of the insulating oil in the tank evaporated immediately. While the investigation is not complete, it appears there was a short-circuit fault in the switch tank following the rupture and disintegration of a high-voltage fuse within the unit.

EnergySafe has placed a ban on performing work on any of these units until all electrical supplies have been isolated. Visit the EnergySafety website for more details about the safety order.


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