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Vested Utility

Vested Utility ® was created by Electricians who have battled large scale contractors & franchises and felt the pressure of trying to find work during slow periods. Our solution was to create a system based lead generation platform, providing affordable marketing to small business without dreaded franchise obligations.

Job Management

Still using an invoice book?
Save time and money by using software to manage your workflow.

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Reception services

Sick of answering your phone on the job?
An affordable alternative to a full time reception.

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Electricians forum

Looking to network with local professionals?
A forum for Electrician's to find work, employees and discuss technical matters.

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Are you tired of keeping on top of your accounting?
Vested Utility can do it for you, while you focus on running your business.

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Looking for work?
Vested Utility uses modern marketing techniques to find quality job leads.

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