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What is an Operational Electrician?

Our Goal

We know from experience that if a job is close by it means a lot less time and resources are wasted. With a focus on efficiency, Vested Utility receives job leads and assigns them to Operational Electricians in the area.

Operational Electrician

An Operational Electrician is a contractor that is able to accept and respond to job requests. To qualify as an Operational Electrician, you must have proof of public liability insurance of $10 million AUD or more and hold a current electrical contractors certificate.

Priority Electrician

Proving yourself as an Operational Electrician can qualify you to become a Priority Electrician. A Priority Electrician has first choice of any job leads within their zone at no additional cost. There are limited Priority Electrician opportunities, selection is performance based.

I’m interested, how does it work?

There are 5 easy steps;

  1. Register as an Operational Electrician by following the link at the bottom of the page.
  2. To verify your account, you’ll need to upload a copy of you public liability insurance and your electrical contractors certificate.
  3. When a job comes through, an email/SMS will be sent to all Operational Electricians in the area, the first to respond will win the job (You will still be notified if you were not the first to respond).
  4. If you are first, you will receive the customers details, it is then your responsibility to contact the customer within 30 minutes.
  5. We will do a follow up with the client to see how it went.
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How much does it cost?

It costs nothing to become a part of our Operational Electrician group and receive job requests. Only once you are the first Electrician to accept the job, will you receive the customer’s contact details and incur a charge.

The average lead price is around $25 plus GST. When you receive a job notification message, you’ll be able to see the cost of the lead before you accept it. Fees will be charged on a monthly basis.

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If after the free leads you do not want to receive paid-for leads, simply login and turn job notifications off.

Lead value

We estimate that the average electrical job is worth $300, that is a potential $600 of added income per month with no advertisement cost.

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