Work Management System (WMS) help

To become an Operational Electrician or a Priority Electrician, you must first create a WMS account. It is free to create and there are no monthly fees to have an account.

Registration (creating a WMS account)

1. Click on the register icon at the top of any page on the Electrician website

2. Enter all your business details into the online form, you must provide a current Western Australia Electrical Contractors number, ABN, contact number and email address. You have the option of selecting how you would like to receive job notifications (email or SMS) this can be changed at any point from your WMS dashboard. Before submitting, you must read the terms and conditions, we recommend you save a copy for your records.

3. Once you click next, a copy of your proposal will appear. This is the contract between Vested Utility and your business. It outlines the terms of the contract as well as payment method and which zone you will cover. The proposal is in conjunction with the terms and conditions discussed in step 2,

4. Before you can receive job leads, you must upload a copy of your public liability insurance and also a copy of your Electrical Contractor's Certificate. Only once a Vested Utility administrator has viewed these documents will your account be activated, you will receive an email notifying you of your account activation.

5. Before you logout or exit the WMS page, be sure to visit your dashboard and set your notifications either on or off. If you leave it on, you will receive notifications as soon as your account is activated.

6. You can access your WMS from any of the Vested Utility Electrician website pages by clicking the the login button in the navigation bar.

Receiving job leads

Before you can receive any job leads, you must have completed all the steps in registration (creating a WMS account) Once you have received an email from Vested Utility informing you your account is now active, you’re now ready to receive job leads. If you have not uploaded the documents and/or not yet been approved, you’ll see the following notification when you log in.

You can log in to WMS and turn job notifications on or off. If you have turned job notifications off, you will not receive any job lead notifications. Once you have turned the job notifications on, if a job lead comes through in your zone, you’ll be sent a notification (email or SMS) you can change how you receive notifications by going in to your WMS profile and going to edit profile. You must respond to the notification immediately to to secure the client's details. Only if you are the first to respond will you win the job lead, otherwise you’ll be notified if you were not fast enough.

The idea behind the WMS is to provide a fast response to customers. It is a known fact that your chances of winning the job goes down by 75% if you don’t call back the customer within 20 minutes. If you’re not in a position to respond to customer requests either have your notifications turned off or don’t respond to the notification, someone else will pick it up.

Once you have received the customer’s details, the ball is now in your court, it is your responsibility to contact them ASAP. A fast response is the key to winning jobs!

If you are time poor and simply don’t have the capacity to be calling customers back and booking them into your agenda, let Vested Utility’s receptionist schedule your workflow.

Bill Payment

The WMS works on a PAYG basis, meaning if you don’t accept any jobs, you will not be charged anything. At any stage, you can log on to WMS and see how many jobs you have accepted for that month. Each month you receive 2 free leads so if you’ve accepted 3 leads, you can assume your bill for the month is $20.00 so far.

On the 1st of the month, Vested Utility will send you an invoice via email. Full payment is then due by the 7th of the month.

Payment method

Credit card

  • You can pay by credit card by calling 08 6317 5271.

Bank transfer

    Vested Utility pty ltd
  • Bankwest
  • BSB 302162
  • Account 0850233
  • Reference: Your business name



My post code doesn't appear in the drop down menu on the registration form?

If your postcode does not appear in the drop-down menu on the registration form, Vested Utility does not cover that area. Please check the zone page for more information on which zones are covered.

Can I pick which jobs I want?

Yes, you will receive a notification that has a brief description of the job request. If you don’t want that job, don't respond to the request. If you respond to the request and you win, you're then obligated to service the lead.

How much does it cost?

It is free to register and receive work requests. We offer 2 free jobs per month, after that, it is an average of $25 per job. You'll be notified of the lead cost in the job request message.

What if I quote the job and don’t win the work?

You are paying for the clients contact details. If your quote is not accepted by the client, you are still charged by Vested Utility.